Motorcycle Gear – My History, Part I – Boots

I was working on part III of my motorcycle journey and bumped up against my gear. Then got off thinking about what I’ve worn over the years. That led me to thinking I should discuss the evolution of what I wore, when and why. How I got to here. I’ll begin at the bottom. BootsContinue reading “Motorcycle Gear – My History, Part I – Boots”

A Lifetime of Motorcycles – Part II, The Norton Rides

… continued from Part I, First Bike December 7th, 1974 Lois and I rode the little Honda to Central Cycle and Marine for the last time. We had test ridden a new 850 Norton Roadster the weekend prior. We bought a European spec 1974 850 Norton Interstate. This bike had been brought over with twoContinue reading “A Lifetime of Motorcycles – Part II, The Norton Rides”

A Lifetime of Motorcycles – Part I, First Bike

I was working on something else when what I was writing slowly evolved into an history of my motorcycling life. When that fact finally dawned on me I was quickly closing on three thousand words. And nowhere near done. I knew I needed to edit everything out from where I’d made that wrong turn upContinue reading “A Lifetime of Motorcycles – Part I, First Bike”

Old Motorcyclists Dreams

There was a time when cafe racers were more than paint, jacket and internet shoes. Motorcycles were modified in order to work properly. Shocks were swapped for shocks that damped the spring action. Forks were worked, holes were drilled, springs and fluids were experimented with and rejected until something worked better. Brakes were fiddled. MysteriesContinue reading “Old Motorcyclists Dreams”

Irregular Maintenance

Those routine maintenance items we all need to perform from time to time, but a few of us don’t always catch on the nose. Thumb open that owner’s manual to the table where mileage, time and what to do when are listed. The “every time you ride” list and those annual and closer interval tasks.Continue reading “Irregular Maintenance”