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I am a retired engineer, a cyclist and motorcyclist. I’m a grandfather, father and husband. We live in a small beach community along the coast in Southern California. My motorcycle riding began shortly after I began working in aerospace as a machinist. Motorcycling got me into cycling and cycling stuck as my life long activity.

Once upon a time motorcycles where how I got around the world. I rarely drove cars. I spent the last twenty years of my engineering career commuting almost exclusively by motorcycle. The only times I used a car were when on business travel, though there were more than a few of those assignments I used my motorcycle for, and when the motorcycles I owned were being worked on or I needed to haul too many people or too large of items. Over the course of those two decades I piled up nearly half a million miles, almost all on California freeways spread across five motorcycles. Two of those motorcycles logged one hundred thousand miles. One managed two hundred thousand miles. The last in the line is well on the way to another one hundred thousand miles. Lots of helmets, gloves, boots, jackets, pants, tires, fuel, oil, filters, tubes, chains and driveshafts went into those miles.

This site is a place where I will recall my days early days of cycling and motorcycling as well as relate thoughts from the point of view of an old retired guy, just out to see what he can of the world.

I’m married, and happily so for nearing fifty years now. We have two daughters and one grandson. We get to see them all quite often as we live only a few blocks from one another. It is a very small town sort of life wedged into corner of suburban Orange County.

My motorcycling now takes the form of adventure travel a few weeks at a time usually once a year. Cycling is a daily or as daily as I can manage given family commitments, weather and aches and pains.

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