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There are about a day’s worth of chores to perform on the bicycle to get it converted back to a road bike. First will be pulling the bike off the trainer, folding up the trainer and storing it and the attendant equipment away until I need it again, or decide to sell it all. With that done, I can change the rear tire back to a road tire from the special training tire. I will also change out the special trainer quick release skewer for the Shimano Ultegra skewer.

That all done, it will be time for a proper wash, dry, wax and polish. Then clean and wax that nasty chain. I’ve found my seat bag and lights. These last have been freshly charged. I’m ready to ride.

I’ll have to have a guess at dressing for weather again. That is likely to take a few iterations. As usual, I’ll prefer to error on the side of too warm.

First up on the prep, is moving the monitor to the wall under the cabinets. We live in a small house with little storage, there just isn’t anywhere to pack a flat screen away for safe keeping and readily at hand for bad weather indoor training. So, to the wall it is. A twelve dollar mount sourced online makes it simple enough.

This arrangement of course leads to more work. There is this stack of books and maps and all that remaining clutter to deal with.

I expect some sorting to the away pile and some stacking in the back of my closet if I can find or make room and some rearrangement in my garage cupboards will do the trick.

I’ll get that rear tire off and while I’m there swap the skewer from the Wahoo trainer to the Shimano road.

The quick link looked worse than the chain, so new for both. Made quick work of that job. A quick wipe down then polish. Strap the lights and seat bag on and the bike is ready to go.

Worn Quick link, replaced with new
Road ready

Not the most glamorous setting, but the bike is ready for the road. Seat bag is stocked and in place. The lights are strapped on and charged and the head unit has a fresh charge in it. I’ll try a short flat ride tomorrow to gauge how I feel. Then I’m hoping for longer on Saturday.

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