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Yes, I’ve missed a few months. I was off doing other things. Lots of motorcycle riding. And heat. Now, I’m back to cycling outdoors. The goal this month is to begin the catch up of all that lost time and all those lost kilometers. I started off the month around 1750 km behind.

First up was finding room for the bike with the kid trailer down and set up.

There are some rides where I tow Oggy over to the park to play. The idea here is to get my wife used to riding again so we can ride to Dana Point Harbor to the baby beach and play there. Then clean up a bit and stop for lunch and ride home. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it.

There was some initial resistance to the helmet and seat belts, but now when he comes over, he goes directly to the trailer, climbs in and picks up his helmet for me to put it on him. He loves riding and particularly going fast.

My goal for July is to ride every day. I won’t be able to beat my mileage from March, but I’m hoping to be back to that level by August. I want to be able to do back-to-back 100km days.

New tape, the Domain didn’t last long. The right hand bar color layer delaminated from the pad-layer. I’ve replaced it with Shimano Pro.

The Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt decided to act up after a firmware update the other day.

The above warning not withstanding, the phone had no issue. Wahoo is taking the BOLT back on warranty. I had figured it was some glitch in the firmware update which updated again today, (07/14/2021). I did a reboot of the unit and unpaired and re-paired it to the phone and have had no issues with it. The weather has not been as hot and I’ve not ridden for more than two hours or so at a time and when I stopped I was stopped in the shade. I’ve only had my phone shut off once because it was too cold, about 20°F. The maximum temperature the BOLT saw was 100°F. I got an email from Wahoo telling me my replacement BOLT is on the way. Very quick service.

Bike wash day.

I made that bike stand in engineering school as a senior project. Designed, analyzed and built all by me, a very long time ago. Still works fine.

The bike all washed, dried, waxed and polished. 39,786 kilometers and eleven years old.

Wahoo replaced the ELEMNT Bolt under warranty and sent a brand new, latest up to date version. It has a non-glare screen and color display. Paired with my phone and sensors quickly. I’ve only gotten two rides with it so far, but it works great. Excellent service by the way.

Went out and got a Gran Fondo in.

I end July with 1,165 kilometers spread over 47 hours. My second biggest month so far. I have a good bit of catching up to do to get back on pace for my annual mileage goal at 1,451 kilometers behind, but I’m ending the month feeling stronger and more motivated.

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