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The new year begins.

January started off with a bang, then whimpered out as the effort took a toll as well as the winter cold and flu season rolled into me. My first four days I managed 352.3 kilometers, of that three days were 100+ kilometer days. Too much for the old guy I guess because by Wednesday I was feeling very second hand. I even took a two hour afternoon nap and early to bed. Wednesday felt better, but I figured I would give myself a couple more days recovery. Besides, the weather is improving.

January started out big. I hit it hard. Three hundred kilometer days in a row, then I got a little bug and was down. I got back to just my usual short 51 kilometer out and back route. This saw spotty use thanks to a lot going on.

Totals for the month are 662 km across 27 hours. Not my best, but good enough. Here’s to hoping February is better.

A warm day out in January
Not as warm day in January

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