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March started off with a cold that settled in my sinus. Continued no riding. By the end of the first week / beginning of week two I was feeling better. Not 100% mind, but better. Enough so I did my first recovery ride out to Dana Point and back. I felt it as did I the second day out to the park at Antonio and back the flat way.

Since I quit Strava, I’ve come to ignore my odometer as well as the accumulated metrics. I’ve discovered since I’m not keeping track of every little thing, I don’t need to care about how long a tire lasts. I replace stuff as it wears and maintain things as required. I suppose I could say this all has become routine, though only to a degree. My riding is fit into open space between family and life outside cycling. That works for me.

I do have a set goal to keep moving toward and that is to be a weeks cycling vacation in northern Italy at the Garda Bike Hotel. I have other summer travel commitments for the next two summers, but come 2024, I am tentatively planning for this to happen. I’ll rent a bicycle and save myself buying a travel case/bag. The plan is to ride for the week or 8 days when my wife will meet up with me and the two of us will do a bit of a wander for a week or two.

Total for the month, 269.96 km. Not real fast, but recovery from colds and family stuff took a toll.

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