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March was not much of a cycling month, it was better than February. For April I am optomistic this will be better. The plan is to ride slowly. steadily, longer and more regularly. As I type this at the beginning of the month, I am still recovering from the winter colds. We are setting up our second COVID booster shots and planning what family stuff is when and where. All of that will play into my cycling. I figure two weeks of my usual short 50km route will be on order with rest days every fourth day, then I can begin adding the 100km day between two 50km days. The plan is to work up to a 100-50-100-50-100-50, rest schedule sometime in May when I can add a hundred mile ride before I have surf camp at the end of the month.

I also want to add in yoga stretching sessions and earlier wake-up times.

The adventure continues since nothing went to plan. 155.7 km total for the month. Not at all what I’d planned. Still, an old shoulder injury and a couch getting a hold on me and here I am.

I’ll give May a better run for its money. I have a surf camp at the end of the month so I’ll need to add some workout for that.

One comment on “Cycling Outdoors – April 2022

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    Using exercise to get in shape for more exercise! Nice! Keep riding! Zulu Delta


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