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I began this month recovering from some light dental surgery. In all my inactivity last month, I noticed the helmet I’m wearing is nearing ten years old.

Shopping for helmets is never fun. Shopping for anything beyond a whole bicycle isn’t fun as far as I can see. Surf the internet for information then I generally ride my motorcycle to my usual haunts to see if I can find a model that fits and isn’t some horrible color. I don’t like buying helmets online because fit is important. For my motors cycle helmets I have found a brand and model that fit and have worn that brand and the revised models of that helmet for going on twenty years now. I am confident in buying those online, primarily because I have never found one in town at a dealer in my size. The last half dozen helmets I bought through motorcycle dealers, many, many years ago now, all had to be ordered. In fact, I can recall only my first three helmets being bought nearly fifty years ago off the rack at a dealer. And so my search continues.

The last time I went off in search of a helmet I’d worn out the replaceable, but not available liner to the extent the velcro that held the worn linter in now rubbed holes in my scalp. I’d made due using a cycling sweatband that had to be carefully placed. The only helmet I found was a mountain bike helmet with removable peak/visor. And that is what I’m wearing out now almost ten years later. I’ve found that Giro shape fit my head reasonably well. Specialized higher end helmets fit too, but the price keeps me away. Thankfully the S-Works helmets in my size have never been in stock.

I gave up on shopping after a couple of half-hearted hours on the computer. Instead I spent more time with family, recovering from the usual seasonal colds and some travel thrown in to keep me off the bicycle.

164 kilometers for the month. Ouch.

I hatched a plan as we drove back home across the desert into the rain along the coast.

My plan? A core workout every day. Seven days a week a workout I can do anywhere. Though I’m not about to cart dumbbells along on any motorcycle trips. I could if I wanted carry them in the car. I only need two at this point. I will eventually need to find a couple more of different weights, but for now what I have is working.

I have yet to tire of the above view. Though there have been a number of days where that blue-green ocean is an angry brown or toned and storming steely grey.

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