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April began with the last of the months long serial colds tapering off.

I plan to be fit enough come the 3rd to get back on my core training then later in the week add some cycling sessions. The good news is I got up to 5/10 press ups and 5/50 crunches. I’ll add back the three weight exercises and should get me back on track for surfing in May.

It took until the 19th to get on the bike again. I rode the usual short flat loop out to Ortega and back. Just about 46 km and around 2:03. Felt fat and slow and weak. But, it was great fun. I’ll be alternating riding and core workouts. Mainly because I need to wash all my kit as I forgot and had not washed the two other sets since February. I also discovered my gloves are worn out. Holes appearing bordered by fraying cloth was a dead give away across the backs of my hands.

Warmer weather and shedding the arm and leg warmers. Lots of sunscreen and soon a second bidon will be required.

Three rides this week for a total of 140 km over 6:13. Sunday will be a recovery day so I can ride Monday. I need to deal with some motorcycle business anyway.

Last week of April,

Back to chilly an overcast weather. Leg and arm warmers with a base layer shirt and the wind vest on Monday.

I spent just under two hours for the 46 kilometers. Chilly weather. Felt OK. I even got some time in on the drops. I need a lot more hours of this.

Not quite the month I was after, but it is what I ended with. 278km over just six rides. I am feeling fairly strong and I figure I can get back to long three hour plus rides on a day as a usual ride if I can put together a week or two of consistent riding.

As I type this I sit watching the rain spatter the windows of the house this first day of May. This gloom should burn off for a small window of sun come afternoon. So, maybe, May will be the beginning? I certainly hope so, as my expanding girth cannot be tamed by positive thoughts and good intentions alone.

Time will tell.

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