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The first week of September saw only riding the last days of August. A planned motorcycle ride will eat a few days riding as will some other duties.

This month was not the biggest in terms of mileage or saddle time. But, I got going again the last week.

With the last day of September slipping by as a rest day I can total up the month, 18 hours and 430 km. Not at all what I wanted, but October should have more riding, though we are now into holidays, family fun days and bit more motorcycling for me. I’m about 50 km shy of 5,000 km year to date. I’m also just under my 200 km per week goal for the week, but should knock that out over the next three days.

I’ve ordered a new pair of Voler Black Label bibs to bring my kit count up to three again. I’m slowly inching toward four which I think is a good place. My weight is ever so slowly inching downward but I have gotten to the point that “Race fit” jerseys and bibs from Voler, fit me comfortably. I’ve stuck with Voler kit since finding the sizing works reliably for me. I’d not found this with a few other brands. I have a Castelli wind vest in Large that just fits. It is non-stretch and the logos melt off and stick itself together for some reason. Knock-off maybe?

Luckily living where I do, I rarely need more than a base layer, leg and arm warmers and maybe thicker socks to stay comfortable.

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