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The goal this month is to top last month. I doubt I can top my top month this year which was March. There are a few chores and commitments that will subtract riding days. But, on the good side, I added a new pair of Voler Black Label bibs. The white bar tape is getting ugly, but I’m going to let it wear out before I swap to black.

The last week of October I had a blow out on the rear after I flatted the front after hitting some junk of some sort on the harbor loop. The front tube I swapped out on the road with one that was patched. The next day I intended to do my usual out and back loop and had gotten up early enough to swap tires because while changing that front tube I noticed Both tires were beginning to show their age and a lot more wear. Instead I thought, well, I’ll get one more ride in on these then change them this afternoon.

Nope. That worked as expected. The rear blew up big on a shallow climb on my way back from the turn around point out at Ortega and Antonio. I pulled up in some shade and after running my fingers around the inside the tire and finding nothing I put in a fresh tube which I blew up as I topped off the air pressure with a fresh CO2 tube. This time a chunk of rubber was blasted off the tire at my leg. I was done to one spare tube and one cylinder. Well, what remained of my cylinder I had just used for topping off.

Made a call for my wife to come get me. I was only about 12 miles by car from home. I had shade and plenty of water. No worries.

Two fresh tires awaited me at home along with fresh tubes. I also ordered replacements and spares from Competitive Cyclist online.

With fresh tires, I rode my second Gran Fondo for the month. I managed to get one more ride in to finish off the month on Halloween.

Monthly totals are: 28 hours, 673 kilometers spread across eleven rides. Not a bad month.

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