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December has been a slow month. More distractions from riding, but I did mange a single Gran Fondo. I’ve begun riding with my powermeter more in focus than heart rate. This should result in more strength and get my power back to where I was when I came off the indoor trainer. The weather is proving a factor in riding as well. While rain is welcome, I’m no fan of riding in the wet. Particularly here where the distracted and lost tourists mix with the usual distracted and lost locals and not so local visitors.

Gran Fondo ride, Florence Joyner Park

The weather on the fondo didn’t stay like the photo. About ten kilometers later I was riding into and under gathering clouds then once I got to the coast the marine layer was rolling in as the sun got lower and lower. I arrived home with both lights in low power mode; solid on, no blinking. Sore, and tired and very hungry. But, I stayed fairly warm thanks to Voler summer kit, and a vest.

December became a very wet month as it ended. The rain coupled with holidays made fro more than usual spotty riding. And some unexpected sloppy riding.

This year began in semi-isolation, me riding indoors on my Wahoo Fitness KickR smart trainer.

As this month and the year wind down, my thoughts switch to looking ahead to next years goals. I’d still like to get 10,000 kilometers of riding in and maybe even exceed that. Maybe push my weekly hour goal to closer to 20 hours per week. I’m at that point where I think I can manage 100 kilometers as a daily ride. And I’d like to work toward riding one hundred miles in a day each month. If I could ride an average of five days a week and on those days ride one hundred kilometers, I am certain I could slip a hundred miler in there fairly often. There will be a little more than a month of days I won’t ride due to travel and other activities, so this all looks like a good set of goals. I’ll have to focus and work pretty hard when I do ride to keep my pace up. I’m going to try for 100 kilometers on New Years Day. Get the party started right.

Totals for the Month

618 kilometers across 26 hours.

Totals for the Year

6,573.1 kilometers across 263 hours, 43 minutes. That from 140 activities. All cycling. The Roubaix has a total of 44,491 meters climbing. The granny ring from the triple has been removed.

Not Quite the Last Ride of 2021, 12/29/2021

Our weather broke so the 31st was good enough to ride. So, I did just that.

The Real Last Ride for 2021, 12/31/2021
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