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Well, that did not go as planned. Or yet another month of dismal riding content. Was it though? November totals are only 14 hours and 333 kilometers. Or in a good month what would account for a good week’s riding.

I can blame my left shoulder for some of that space between rides, but I’d have to be honest and admit to losing the plot a good bit all on my own. Cooler weather and the draw of a warm mug of tea by the fire has had me held captive by my own laziness most often. Though I did accomplish more than a few things. For one thing, I helped a few days with a friends side car rebuild work. Now, that project is off to the machinist/welder for some real hard work. Once that is completed, we’ll have some adjusting and fine tuning to do. The other part is that I felt a bit selfish taking a chunk out of time when our grandson was here, leaving his supervision to Lois on her own. At three and a bit he is a handful for the two of us and knowing exactly how hard a day’s game of one on one is with this little fella, I took to sharing the load. My girth has expanded in part thanks to that, but mostly due to my lack of commitment to diet in the face of an evening after such a days chase. We’ll get a handle on that as well.

A photo from one of the war to hot rides the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving.

So, I’ve already missed almost a week of rides in December, but Lois and I talked and I figure to ride at least a couple of the days we watch our grandson. These will always be my usual out and back two hour ride. I don’t want to take anymore time than that away. That also means I need to prioritize riding on the days we don’t have him and work back up to longer and harder efforts.

I did manage to get some work done on the Roubaix. I chased a driveline clunk or some noise I could feel and hear without hearing aids all around, from pedals to cleats to bottom bracket to the rear hub. Only to find relief after a thorough cleaning, drying and re-waxing of the chain. Wonderful silence returned.

Lesson learned; just because it looks clean and has lube, doesn’t mean it is clean. I also changed out the filthy white bar tape for black Shimano PRO tape.

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