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The first week of June was consumed learning to surf at Endless Summer Surf camp at San Onofre State Beach.

The last time I ride my bicycle in May, I noticed a click in the right pedal. Not all the time, just once in a while. I thought this was due to my having cleaned and polished my shoes using armor-all and that somehow affecting the latching. It wasn’t. I cleaned up the drivetrain and still a click. Checked the pedals and everything looked OK. Then after surf camp, I took a bicycle ride to explore a couple of surf breaks I’d never looked at. The click was still there. when I rode hard in the big ring and middle of the block, I could just barely feel it. I tested the pedals by pulling either foot off and riding with only one foot. This exaggerates the push-pull motion. And the click only happened with the right pedal. I swapped the Garmin Vector 2 spindles and adapters out for the Shimano Ultegra. Just tightening them in, they felt secure with no play. Much better. I’ll get a test on them soon.

All that means, no more power data. I will install the Wahoo cadence sensor on the left crank arm before my next ride. For my purposes, heart rate and time in the saddle are the two most important metrics. Cadence is something I only monitor in passing I guess. I know from experience if I am climbing more my overall average will be less, just as it is for average speed. I may someday buy a powermeter crank set, but not yet.

I’m not certain the Garmin power meter pedals are all of the problem. There is certainly a lot of play in the right pedal spindle at the plain bearing. I am going to try a new chain while I wait on the ultra sonic cleaner that was supposed to have showed up a week before the end of June, but was delayed into mid July. But, that chain swap did not happen in June.

So, I ended a very light month indeed with 178.3 km. A handful of rides. We re into the heat now and I really don’t like riding in the heat much. Hopefully I can pull my finger out in July, my weight has been creeping up.

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