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2,500 miles

$326 in charging. Most of that was SuperCharging. 785 kWh, average of $.42/kWh


Temperatures ranged from a high of around 110°F to a low of 34°F. Speeds varied from around town 15 mph to interstate of 80+mph. We had brief desert monsoon rain storms that slowed us to 50 mph. No high winds were experienced beyond storm cells blowing through.

The old Murano would have averaged around 25 mpg for a trip like this loaded up the same, three and four adults. Gas was around $5/gal average. So, $500 for fuel costs, or $.20/mile average cost.

About 40 mpg vehicle efficiency like my motorcycle would be the same cost per mile as the Tesla Model Y LR, but the motorcycle only carries me and is hot or cold or wet in spots.

We have settled into a routine when traveling now. Drive for about two hours between charge points then get a walk, rest from driving and maybe eat. We are already planning the next longer road trip for next summer. We plan to finally get our coast trip done.

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