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Here I am facing the third week of the month with nary a pedal having been stepped on let alone turned. I no sooner got home from a motorcycle trip covering the few few days of the month than we packed some of the same stuff I’d just unpacked in different bags, loaded the Tesla and hit the interstate. Another road trip to disrupt my cycling.

September 22nd and I finally get a ride in. What a busy month this has been. I got a second ride in on the 24th and rode in new socks too. Then I replaced the chain with a fresh KMC X10SL. I’ll see how that shifts.

A few sprays of a detailer into a microfibre towel then wipe the bike down and polish it up. Good as new.

Swiftwick Aspire 4 socks

The month has ended with no test ride of the new chain. The day after I installed it a sinus cold flared up which led to a sore throat, a COVID scare from the grandson’s school having a student test positive. Our tests here proved negative so we have that at least.

Another week of recovering and I should be good to go.

The month boils down to two rides for a total of about 80 km. Not great, but we’ll get at it once this cough is cleared.

One comment on “Cycling Outdoors – September 2022

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    As much as many of us love riding, sometimes it seems like a chore to actually just get out and ride! Good Luck! Zulu Delta

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