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A long time ago when I got into adventure bikes, I began looking into navigation. I’d seen paper strip roadbooks back in the day when I met a Dakar racer at a motorcycle show and he explained in heavily French accented English what the bike did and how it was equipped.

I’ve ordered a Samsung Tab A-7 Lite to use for navigation as well as playing with roadbooks using the Rally Navigator Roadbook Reader app.

Above I have the roadbook reader app loaded on an old iPad mini 4 for size comparison. I’ll know once I get the mount and all the parts if I can orient the screen in portrait mode or will be forced to use the above landscape mode.

I’m considering going with the O2Riders O2RC SLIM 3.0 switch set at $180. Ouch!

After a test ride today with the Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze mount, I decided I preferred landscape orientation over portrait. And the Rally Navigator app on the tablet wouldn’t work but the Piste app did.

And Guru Maps Pro for map navigation,

After some more street testing I flipped the Hondo garage Perfect Squeeze tablet clamp so the winder knob is below the tablet.

A short video of street testing.

With my offline mapping app displayed, (Guru Maps pro).

A short demo video of the Tunai media button bluetooth remote control working with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7-Lite using the Piste Roadbook Reader app.

I’ll need to stabilize the button set up the o-ring mount around the miter base is not the most solid or secure. The button is magnetic to the mounting base. I’ll add some security to that somehow without making it non-removable for weather protection.

One comment on “Winter 2023 Adventure Projects – Digital Navigation and Roadbook Reader

  1. markswill says:

    Hello Richard,

    I must thank you for the excellent comment you made to my last blog and now I’ve read some of yours I’m impressed at how much more professional-looking it is than mine – what’s the secret, and has it led to many hits? I only get 150 – 200 to mine which make it seem barely worthwhile! Cheers – Mark Williams

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