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The first month of the year. Starting off with a drippy nose and sinus head ache. Like we ended the year.

My goals for 2023 are as I published last month; 10,000km of riding and whatever that stacks up to for climbing and however long it takes.

Here we go.

One of two days I got out for a ride between colds, whether I’d rather not ride in and family obligations. I managed a scant 125 kilometers over two days riding. One of those was nearly 80 kilometers. So, the stamina was still there. I did manage to convince myself I can ride that longer route more regularly.

Nothing much else happened on the cycling scene for me. When I laundered the kit last, I noticed I’ll be needing to order a pair of bibs soon as the oldest pair in rotation are beginning to show signs of failure. I held off on replacing my bar tape that is on its way to tattered and at some point I’ll need to put the new cables and housing into service, but not just yet.

Near the very end of the month another abscess was found, likely due to removing the bad tooth last year and not getting the dental implant in to keep things all in place. Or so the proposed theory goes. Anyway, the attention to all that is underway beginning in February which of course impacts any efforts as I type this my insides feel not all that happy and site of the problem in my mouth and surrounding head are feeling very second hand.

Anyway, the plan for February is what it was for January, ride more. Climbing and advancing to a larger gear when standing to push a little strength training. I found I can do this so I will. I’ll also be attempting to adopt a new habit of core training. Something to get that upper body more flexible and stronger. It all matters and it all helps.

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