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The first week of July I’m stuck waiting on the ultrasonic cleaner I ordered a few weeks ago that was supposed to have been delivered in late June, but was delayed into the middle of July. My only option is to swap to a brand new chain which isn’t the end of the world, but the current chain shows no wear per the gage. That is how I will start off a light month thanks to travel.

Back from a short vacation with family, I found the ultra sonic cleaner I’d ordered had arrived. Set this up with a 4:1 Simple Green solution, then pulled the chain off the bike and set the machine to heat, then run for a ten minute cycle. Rinsed in warm water and shake dry. Nice and clean. Then I decided to measure the wear using the Park Chain measurement tool. Oops!

Out of spec. Head slap!

I dug out a new chain, popped off the outside link and cleaned it up in the ultrasonic cleaner.

I should have checked the wear first. Rule #1: check the least invasive stuff first.

This thing is loud, but seems to work. Really cheap construction too, but only about $65 off Amazon. This is one litre of cleaning solution.

Note: The chain is not symmetrical

A second cleaning cycle then rinse in warm water and a final alcohol rinse then hung to dry. Then into the wax.

A half hour bath at temperature in the wax, then extract, wipe the excess off and hang to cool.

Installed back on the bike with a brand new link. Smooth like butter.

Almost no riding this month thanks to a lot of things. Illness, travel, and cutting up my feet surfing.

August will be better, but there is some interruptions looming over the next couple of months.

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