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Finally my sinus and chest are clear from a summer cold. No fever or anything beyond a week and a bit of dripping sinus causing me to cough. The bike is freshened up and I’ll plan a few short rides to ease back into the swing.

First day of the month and I got a ride in. About an hour and forty minutes. Flat on the creek trail out to Ortega and back. Slow, but had enough in the tank to chase down an e-bike, pass and drop them, pulling my HR to 150 for about ten minutes. Managed to keep my HR down though to an average of 118 to burn the fat off. Worked the ticket on that. Slow and steady.

Four days of riding the first week of August. Slowly feeling better. Sitting on a bicycle for an hour and a half a day makes me sore after so long of a break from it. Four rides, 6:27 and 146 km. A few more short, flat, slow rides and I’ll get back to the old usual route.

I need to order a second chain, bar tape, cleats and some cycling socks. I’ll wait to order the cables and housing until maybe September or October so over the winter I can do a full service to the bike. I should also check when I last changed the rear cluster.

Second week of August netted another four days riding. 166.3km, across 6:58 hours.

Not too bad. I’ve increased the daily route which I think will become the regular route to avoid the traffic at the interstate underpass. Slow and steady. I’m getting going earlier along with increasing the time to just under two hours of riding. I’ve eliminated the river trail up to SJC The bike lane along that stretch on the surface streets is good enough. And getting going about 8am is about as early as I dare given that puts me into the tail of morning commute traffic. I’ll see how I can extend the ride next week once I have a longer workout window.

Third week of riding in August and I’ve been able to up my distance and duration. I’m looking toward adding more climbing and distance.

The third week didn’t work out quite as planned. Things came up that interrupted cycling. I managed two days of my now usual route so not horrible, but not what I’d planned. Two rides, 3:49 and 91.7km

And just like that the month ends for me. I’m taking a motorcycle trip beginning Friday so Wednesday was my last ride for the month.

Totals: 495.98 kilometers for the month over 12 rides over about 20.5 hours of riding. Not bad for as many riding days as I missed. September will start late at just about the middle. That will make it yet another short month, but I should be able to hit it pretty good and get back in the groove. I am about ready to begin climbing, so I figure a week of the flat, short route then add the climb up Antonio to somewhere and back for a bit and stretch that.

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